About Platinum Cross Welding

Bart Hays, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer, established Platinum Cross Welding, Inc (PCW) in 2009. He built the company on four strong principles. These consist of safety, quality, values, and meeting deadlines.

PCW was named after a platinum cross necklace he received from his two children, Taos and Olis Hays.

Out of the three precious metals (Gold, Silver and Platinum), "Platinum" is the strongest and does not tarnish.

"Cross" came from Bart's foundation in life, his Christian Faith.

"Welding" came from his background and chosen career.

Early in his career, Bart consistently said, "Does the weld look good?  Does it feel good?  When it passes X-Ray, it does good."  When he became involved in youth rodeo, he used a similar phrase to influence the kids.

Later in life, PCW was formed and the familiar phrase became the mission statement:


No One Tells the PCW Story Like Our Founder:

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