Pig Traps: The Part of the Pipeline You Must Get Right

Platinum Cross Welding is a leading provider of pig traps across the Midwestern states, including Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and beyond.

What Exactly is a Pig Trap?

Pig traps, also known as pig launchers or pig receivers, are vessels or section of a pipeline where a pig or pigging tool can be put into a pipeline for cleaning or inspection. The pig is pushed through the pipeline through the fluid and pressure of the vessel. Typically, the pig also cleans the pipeline as it travels through.

Every pig trap has some similarities. They consist of a barrel section that is larger than the pipeline itself. A reducing section marries the larger barrel section to a section that is the same size as the pipeline. A door is installed for inserting or removing the pig, as is a ball valve mechanism.

Pig traps can be highly customized, and may have a variety of kicker line(s), relieving line(s), pressure gauges, pig signalers, vents, drains, and more.


Why PCW Values Play a Huge Part in Pig Traps…

Pipeline integrity is critical to the bottom line. Any addition to a pipeline must be built with key objectives in mind. Conveniently enough, those objectives match up to what Platinum Cross is all about.

  • Safety

    Safety is important in our shop, but also in the field. We weld, test, X-ray and more to test the integrity of what we’ve worked on.

  • Quality

    We care about the finished product we are turning over to our customers. We demand the best from our team and inspect strenuously to keep quality high.

  • Values

    Without a value system, we don’t have a leg to stand on. Our values let our team know that we are all on the same page, working for the same quality and safety goals.

  • On-Time Delivery

    We understand your business has a plan. You need our fabricated product to be ready so that the plan can move forward.

Did You Know?

Platinum Welding can help you with design services on your pig traps. We've seen it all, we've built it all, and now we can put that experience to work for you.

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