Skidded Equipment

Platinum Cross Welding is not a one-trick pony. Although we made our name in pig traps and other welding fabrications, companies reach out to us often for custom-built skidded equipment.


Skid-mounted or base-plate-mounted solutions are advantageous to various industries because they can be easily deployed in the field. More and more organizations are smartly turning to prefabrication processes because they are cost effective, faster to build, and offer a better paint finish by being constructed in a controlled environment.


Often used in the oil and gas industry, skidded equipment allows you to mount sophisticated meters or other equipment instead of risking on-site fabrication and other challenges.


In the past, we’ve helped customers with:

  • Skid-Mounted Production Piping Systems
  • Coriolis Meter Skids
  • Pig Traps
  • Production Manifolds
  • Compressor Header Skids
  • Fuel Gas Skids
  • Ultrasonic Meter skids
  • Control Valve Skids
  • Slug Catchers

Did You Know?

Platinum Cross Welding often helps with completed process piping projects, supplying all of the piping and structural needs for refinery turnarounds. This is great for the customer, because all of the modules are built in the shop and just hooked together easily in the field. Contact us to learn more!

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