Look Good.
Feel Good.
Do Good.

When demanding and challenging projects arise, clients turn to Platinum Cross Welding. Our priority is to exceed customer expectations by putting an unparalleled emphasis on quality, knowledge, safety and commitment.

Why does the Oil and Gas Industry depend on Platinum Cross Welding?

Fabrication of pipelining equipment is serious business. Each product we send into the field must meet and exceed expectations. Since our start in 2009, we’ve lived by the saying “Look good. Feel good. Do good.” Those six words have a meaning that influences how we operate and how we conduct business.

Look Good

Going beyond a basic visual inspection, we ask our team to ensure welds look textbook and professional. Looking good is important, but it’s also important the work feels good.

Feel Good

This is an important one. Does the welder or fabricator feel good about the work they’ve completed? Does the inspector feel good? Does the X-Ray technician feel good about the welds? If everyone feels good, that’s a great start. If someone feel doubt, we stop and confirm our processes and work.

Do Good

When ‘Look Good’ and ‘Feel Good’ align, the work usually does good. Performing well in the field is a must for PCW fabrications. When we work professionally with our values leading the way, the products that come out of our shop ‘Do Good.’

Strong Principles Lead to Strong Welds

To make industry-leading fabrications, our fabrication shop lives these four principles daily. They make PCW a great place to work that produces exceptional solutions for our customers.

  • Safety

    Safety is important in our shop, but also in the field. We weld, test, X-ray and more to test the integrity of what we’ve worked on. We support and abide by OSHA rules.

  • Values

    Without a value system, we don’t have a leg to stand on. Our values let our team know that we are all on the same page, working for the same quality and safety goals.

  • Quality

    We care about the finished product we are turning over to our customers. We demand the best from our team and inspect strenuously to keep quality high.

  • On-Time Delivery

    We understand your business has a plan. You need our fabricated product to be ready so that the plan can move forward.

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