About Us

About Platinum Cross

PCW was originally known as a piping fabricator that mass produced pig traps for the midstream sector for the one of the biggest Natural Gas producers. Now, PCW has grown to become an ASME vessel shop capable of taking on many types of projects for several different industries.

Throughout the last two years it has been goal to become diversified where our team can take on many different types of projects and successfully complete them without losing sight on our safety record and quality standards.

Our specialty is designing and building modular compressor stations, building all types of ASME vessels, being able to take on capital piping projects, and providing structural fabrication needs for all of the above.

Our goals for the future are to utilize our ASME U/S/R stamp by building more ASME vessels and utilizing our S stamp for taking on specialty piping projects.

Here's just a quick look at some of our capabilities:

  • Facility Limitations:
    • Indoor Lifiting capacity: 45,000lbs
    • Outdoor lifting capacity: 60,000lbs
    • Maximum Vessel diameter: 120"
  • Shop Capabilities:
    • Design and Engineering
    • ASME and API Welding certifications
    • Carbon steel, Stainless, Chrome, and Inconel
    • Hydro testing
    • Assembly and flange Torquing
    • 6x20 plasma cutting machine
    • I&E
    • Heat trace & insulation
    • Hot shot & Semi Hauling

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