Modular Compressor

Modular Compressor Station

PCW’s Modular compressor station was designated and constructed to be a turn-key “plug & play” structure where everything can ship 100% complete and bolted up in the field.

Our modular compressor station allows our team to design and complete your project from start to finish. Reducing your overall delivery, completion time, and cost substantially.

Modular compressor station configurations are available from 5.0 MMscfd to 120.0 MMscfd and provide a baseline package to a fully customized station to meet your needs.

Contributing factors that consistently stand out in our design are:

  • Designs built and proven.
  • Modular compressor stations can be sized up or scaled down.
  • Process gas compositions of multiple varieties.
  • Utilized electric or gas-powered compressors.
  • Easily broken down, transported, and re-installed.
  • Start and complete the fabrication while waiting on the compressors and the permitting process
    • Our baseline product consists of (20) modular piping skids for a total of (4) compressors
  • ESD Meter skid, Finger skid, Slug Catcher skid, Header skids, etc.
  • We can provide an optional Dehy, tower, and B-TEX unit for your gas dehydration.
  • Optional fuel gas skid and membrane skid available upon request.
  • Design is 95% bolt-up with 5% Field welding for tying in run-out piping to the compressor.
  • Heat tracing, insulation, and electricity are completed, at the shop, before being shipped to the field.
  • Weather hazards are no longer an issue.

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Certificaiton Branding
Certificaiton Branding
Certificaiton Branding
  • American Welding Society (AWS)
  • Certified Welding Inspector (CW) Specialists
  • American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Level II Radiographer
  • OSHA Trained Supervisors

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